Meet The Pastry Pals

Strawberry Banana

His friends call him SB. He’s harmless, easy to get along with, and he always makes sure his strawberry topping is shiny and stays in place!

Green Mint

She’s a fashionista and beauty expert. She loves her bright green hair and red lipstick. She’s very honest and never lies to her friends.


Her friends and family call her ” Choco ” and she has a twin sister named ” ‘Nilla”
They both are inseparable. Both are very close to Battenberg.


She’s the princess and sister of King Sprinkle Cake. She’s very kind-hearted & takes on the big task as a Social Worker in the Pastry Pals Universe.


She’s a sweetheart and the friendliest pastry. She can spot people miles and miles away, and recognize who they are! She makes sure everyone is happy around her.


He’s kind and always provides guidance to anyone who needs it. He’s like a father to Peachy and also an inventor!


Her friends call her ‘Nilla. She’s Choco’s twin sister. Both are feisty and will finish each other’s sentences.

King Sprinkle

The young king of the Pastry Pals Universe. He’s the opposite of his sister; very self-centered & cares mostly about his crown and sprinkles.


He’s a prankster of the Pastry Pals Universe! He likes to pick on Peachy, but always ends up being saved by him.


He’s super adorable, kind, and curious. He’s also naive and very clumsy, too! He loves ice cream and likes to hang out with SB and Cherry.


His nickname is Blue. He’s always sleepy and often seen resting his eyes or taking a nap all over the place. He can be helpful and is up to the task once he’s awake!


He’s a butler, chef, and father figure to Choco & ‘Nilla. He loves to cook and has an impressive stamp collection. He’s extremely organized.


He’s the tiniest one in the Pastry Pals Universe. He’s not a pastry, but he wants to be one of them. His dream is to become a hero one day.

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